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Don't Forget Those Special Gifts This Year

Posted on January 21, 2010 at 9:32 PM
Hi Everyone!

Thank you all for your continued support in 2010!  We hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season and all your gifts were well received.

Now that the gifts have been given and received, I hope you remembered  to send
the "thank you note." It is always thoughtful to send an acknowledgment after the holiday or event to let the person know you not only received their gift but appreciated it!  Did you ever think of being creative when you send that card?

A homemade card can be fun to make or design. It just takes card paper in any color and some originality. You can cut out a funny picture or better yet take a photo, add some embellishments and a special thank you note inscribed inside. A little time spent but perhaps something someone will treasure forever!

Next holiday is Valentine's Day.  This is a good time for the gentlemen to really become thoughtful. If you're planning something special this year (perhaps a proposal) Valentine's Day could be that special day! Ladies it is also a time you can give a gift to that special guy in your life. 

It is not normally the amount you give so much as the way you offer it. Most folks will always remember the way they received something even more than the actual gift. Unless of course, the gift was something simply outrageous!

We hope you will take time to look at our store and shop for someone special this year. We'll do all we can to help you.  Just email us with any questions. Remember, when you order from KKreations you receive complimentary gift wrap when requested.  Enjoy shopping!

Thanks From KKreations

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