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A Gift From Your Heart!


Our Story

Once upon a time there was a dream...The dream was to own a "Little Shoppe" that offered an atmosphere where you could come and enjoy and leave your stress behind. The Shoppe would offer wonderful candles that would fill the air with a calming aroma and sometimes a water feature would trickle in the distance. There would be inspirational signs (funny signs too) that would challenge your thought for the day. A mural painting on the back wall painted by the "Shoppe Keepers" would invite you to come in and engage with them as you passed by the decorated windows of the Shoppe.  There would be music to transport you to another place and just quiet your soul for little while. The Shoppe would literally lift you to a earlier time in life when "little things" meant a lot.

The Shoppe Keepers who would operate the store would understand what it would be like to just want to shop and maybe talk or just be still for a moment and enjoy the surroundings. There would be so many things to see and so many gift ideas for everyone you knew and holidays to be celebrated. You also knew they were able to create a few things in this Shoppe especially for you. Things like "lit" floral arrangements, "baby diaper" tower cakes, gift boxes, and even gift wrap those chosen gifts you just picked out too! This all made it a very special "Little Shoppe" for the community to enjoy.

The dream came true for a little while for the "Little Shoppe" and the Shoppe Keepers. However , unfortunate circumstances occurred and the "Little Shoppe" was forced to close. Several wonderful items from the Shoppe remained as well as access to other items from their vendors. On these pages we invite you to shop again from that wonderful "Little Shoppe" that existed a short time ago.

The same Shoppe Keepers are still here and miss all the interaction with the many folks who crossed inside our doors during some very difficult times for all. You'll find that same wonderful service is still here. Please email us with any thoughts or ideas of how we could be more of service to you now. The dream still lives on.......thanks for our memories...!

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Summerlin, NV. 89133-3316


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